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Frank Ocean
Boys Don’t Cry

Sealed Limited Edition Zine

Cleo Wade
Heart Talk Journal

Cleo Wade
Heart Talk

The Great Adventures of Slick Rick

7″ vinyl, CD, storybook

Jenny Odell
How to Do Nothing

Resisting the Attention Economy

Ian Whittlesea
On Colour

Hardcover Book

Cleo Wade
Where to Begin

A Small Book About Your Power to Create Big Change in Our Crazy World

Melissa Valentine
The Names of All the Flowers: A Memoir

Cover art by Sadie Barnette

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions
by Edwin A. Abbott


Leather Journal

Metallic Gold, Hardcover

Black Moon

Hardcover Book 116 Pgs.

by James Mountford

Ltd Ed, 88 pg Hardback

by Andrew Shaw

Ltd Ed 58pg Paperback