About Us

QooA is a collective effort from a group of creators, creative professionals, tastemakers and digital product leaders. Our goal is to create something new but familiar in the editorial/ecommerce space. The QooA model is simple: We are a destination for enriching, evergreen lifestyle content with a curated shop.

We try to take the best learnings from the past (a cool neighborhood,  a really good record store, a secret dancery, a handmade zine) and combine them with digital best practices from recommendation engines and social networks to show our community the best of itself through curation.

We are self funded, independent, ad-free and, at present, do not publish sponsored content. We might one day…but we will tell you if we do. All of our revenue comes from our own products and affiliate links. If it’s here, it’s because one of us made it or loves it.

Although we know WHAT QooA is, we are always refining and evolving the concept of WHO QooA is. If you would like to help us craft that definition as a contributor, or with a content/product pitch for the site, hop over to the Contact page.

Keep It QooA.

“Pleasure through knowledge.”

“Like Q…A, the space between a question and an answer.”

“Life as process rather than life as product.”

“Remember neighborhoods you wanted to walk around in? It’s like that.”

“The venue is the backdrop, the people define the scene.”

“It’s like Medium and Goop had a baby.”

“Where you can learn about art and social issues and also buy really nice lube.”


Seth Shallhouse
Seth Shallhouse
“QooA is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
BJ Panda Bear
BJ Panda Bear
“Time to indulge in the self and share the best you with the community.”
Ela Boyd
Ela Boyd
“Every day is a new opportunity to be fabulous.”
Ami Kubota
Ami Kubota
“What inspires you, create who you are.”

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