This weekend while the rest of America is spending time binging on leftover goodness and attempting to replicate the consumerist high of waiting in line for the deals, we implore you to take the other route. Juicing, working out and manifesting a sexy bod to wear the barely there looks on the street. Coachella may be canceled til next fall but at least we have a hopeful start to the new year. See our picks below to keep you sound right and body tight!
First things first lets get your body right! And let’s all be honest you are more than likely a few weeks into a Thanksgiving meal that has included every single restaurant there was before lockdown. With that in mind let’s get rid of that pooch with a much needed and intensive work out with AARMY’s founders: Angela Davis, Trey Laird, and Akin Akman and their team. Take advantage of off their Aarmy gear with its cult like appeal and also have offered up a deal on their work out subscriptions that will be sure to whip that ass into shape  
In the grand tradition of sybarites, what gets lit must calm down… in a decadent bath please. Brazilian skin care company Natura has been fully plugged in with the most substantial of South American hydration. Maracuja oil, which contains all the must has fatty acids and is loaded with vitamin C and phosphorus. Quite possibly the secret behind every Brazilian party girls ageless skin. From November 1st to the 30th, consumers will be prompted to select one of the charities at check out and Natura will make a $3 donation on their behalf. In addition to the donation, the brand will be offering 35% from November 23rd to 29th. This applies to all product offerings including their holiday sets

The Feelist is celebrating the black/cyber sale 30% off their line of facial must haves. The Radiant Face Oil which is composed of Jojoba Seed, Marula, Rosehip, Evening Primrose and a touch of CBD oil is a face melt for the sense, a lovely way to loosen up those stress induced zooms. With other products like their Please Do Not Disturb Extra Body Cream which also contains our beloved canabiandnoidal properties, lavender and vanilla oils as well as Himalayan Maris salts are a calming taste of heaven. A perfect way to prim the skin for some leather.

Zana Bayne is celebrating her annual black Friday sample sale with deals on leather staples chokers, cuffs, and her highly covetable harnesses. The best part of her sample sales beyond obtaining her artisanal crafted leather goods is the rare pieces that will be popping up from her extensive archive as well as who knows which pieces just came in from the latest Beyonce, Chloe and Halle, Doja Cat, or Megan Thee Stallion shoot

Old School Wednesday: Dr Dre – Let Me Ride

Dr. Dre ~ "Let Me Ride" (L) So on and so on, why don't you let me roll on?I remember back in the days when I used to have to get my stroll onDidn't nobody wanna speakNow everybody peepin' out they window when they hear me beatin' up the streetIs it Dre? Is it...

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Old School Wednesday: 3rd Bass – Gas Face

3rd Bass ~ “Gas Face” (L)"A Gas Face can either be a smile or a smirk When appears, a monkey wrench to work one's clockwork Perkin his brim to the rim of my cup Don't tempt me, you're empty, so fill'er up! Is I'm talkin coffee or cocoa, is you loco? Cash or credit for...

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Old School Wednesday: RUN DMC – Christmas in Hollis

RUN DMC ~ "Christmas in Hollis" (L)"Rhymes so loud and proud you hear it It's Christmas time and we got the spirit Jack Frost chillin', the orchid’s out And that's what Christmas is all about The time is now, the place is here And the whole wide world is filled with...

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Spiritual Tools for Times of Transformation.  A conversation with Astara founder, Crystal Healer & Herbalist Mariah K Lyons and Energetic Healer & Herbalist Julie Hovsepian 2020!?! Why is transformation so important at this time? M – This has been a year of...

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