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8 looks, 3 local upcycle designers, 1 model, 1 location, 1 goal: to promote the upcycle culture. After 7 years of living in NYC, Karmay Ngai, a creative director, model and “Eco Well-Being Blender” has found herself in Shanghai with the spirit to continue to grow the sustainable culture there. Ngai’s recent ventures include staging a wellbeing event which showcased her own designs.

This body of work highlights Shanghai’s riverside factory locations. Formerly  abandoned and now refurbished, they are very much part of the city’s ongoing dialog between industrialism and the newfound steps back into sustainability. Overlooking a bridge which reverberates the iconic influences of San Francisco’s very own golden landmark’s glow. We are excited to share this story and showcase what the local designers in Shanghai have to provide for the sustainable world.

TooTwoForFour top, Patch Love Universe shoes (worn throughout), and stylist’s own pants.

TooTwoForFour top, Patch Love Universe shoes (worn throughout), and stylist’s own pants.

TooTwoForFour top and stylist’s own pants.

TooTwoForFour top and stylist’s own pants.


设计师 Designer

INSTAGRAM: @tootwoforfour
tootwoforfour(2二得肆)) is a Shanghai based Upcycling fashion label founded by Ting Ting Wu in 2019. Focusing on redesign and deconstructing second hand garments, turning them into new exciting pieces. Ting has been a Vintage lover since 2012. She received her formal fashion education, as well as other innovative training and artistically life experiences among cities like VancouverLondon and The Netherlands from 2010-2018.

2二得肆 是一个基于二手衣再造的时装品牌,由设计师吴婷婷于2019年在上海正式成立。着重于对二 手服装的结构和重新设计,使之成为一件件“全新的”单品。婷从2012年便是古着爱好者,在 2010-2018年期间,婷活跃在温哥华,伦敦和荷兰等地,主修服装设计,并且同时自我探索其他创新 领域和艺术的行为。

ChipChip top and stylists own pants.

ChipChip top and stylists own pants.


设计师 Designer
INSTAGRAM: @chipchipchopchop_ wechat: chipchipshop

With nothing to do, and self-employed, Chinese traditional style and originality frames the very chic, very cheap, chipchip shop! After graduating from Polimoda fashion institute in Florence, studying pattern making, chipchip designer Hu Huishi, found the fashion world was not what she’d imagined, but she still worked in the fashion industry in Shanghai for three years with a passion for clothing. She had not found the most suitable direction. By chance, during the epidemic, she says, “it was so boring to be trapped in my old house and I started to remodel my old clothes. It just so happened that my old house had a lot of unnecessary old clothes and the sewing machine I bought in high school. I picked up my passion for making clothes again.”

无所事事,失业后的自我就业状态,中古着与原创自制,very chic, very cheap, chipchip shop! 毕业于Polimoda服 装打版,回国工作后发现服装圈并不是想象中那样的, 但凭着对服装的热情还是在上海服装行业里上班了三年, 其 中兜兜转转还没有找到最适合自己的方向。机缘巧合下在疫情期间因为被困在老家里实在无聊开始了旧衣改造,正好 老家里有很多不要的旧衣服和我高中时买的缝纫机 ,重新拾起了做衣服的热情。


.08zine dress

.08zine top and talents own pants.

Ye Zee Chen

设计师 Designer
INSTAGRAM: @o8zine

Ye Zee Chen graduated from St. Martin’s College of Art in England, majoring in clothing. In 2020, she and her college classmate Kang Yoon Young established the designer brand .08zine. .08zine is a non-traditional clothing brand, each series only develop and design new styles and fabrics based on 3 to 4 ready-to-wear styles that have been produced but cannot be sold. “We are not recreating clothes, but treating clothes as or modified into fabrics, and then put them into the design of the season.”

Ye Zee Chen 毕业于英国圣马丁艺术学院服装专业。2020年与大学同学 Kang Yoon Young 成立了设计师品牌 .08zine。.08zine 是一个非传统服装品牌,每个系列只会在3到4件已经生产但销售不出的成衣款式的基础上研发与设 计出全新款式与面料。我们不是衣服再造,而是把衣服看作或者改作面料,进而放入当季的设计中。

Photography | Matjaž Tančič.

Model & Stylist | Karmay Ngai.

Hair & Production | ContestaRockHair.

Makeup | Valeria Romanova.

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