Gut health from sauerkraut/ kimchi, kombucha and Kefir has been the hot topic of all that is to come in and out of you. Not sparing all the gory details but your body as an ecosystem for bacterial growth needs that balance. As do you need some therapy sometimes, a message other times as well as a weekend binge that ends in a burger led carbo-load it’s the same with your bodies equilibrium and oxidation and rejuvenation. I was initially drawn to the packaging as well as heritage of the Manda range of products. Which brought a design forward take on the daily ritual taking your vitamins.

Founded as a sake distillery 300 years ago the Matsuura family that owns the company utilized their knowledge of fermentation and compiled over 23 years of studies to the cultivation of products which has become some of Japan’s greatest selling supplements. With a US base in Fresno the localized cultivation makes for a QooA go to product, The brands 2 featured products a Superfood and Superdrink are a composed of highly complex assortments of 52 kinds of botanical raw natural ingredients. It’s the highly focused selection and the individual cultivation of the various vegetation, fruits, grains and algae that really brings out a rich and individualized adoration of the brand. Long term fermentation and controlled fermentation us utilized in both the skin flesh and seeds.

I love having the Superfood as an alternative sweetener as well a pick me up for when I need that extra treat. The taste is full of umami a little savory with a wonderful consistency. There is a sweetness and earthiness that would go well with the taste of black garlic. It also works wonders as a salad base with a dose of lemon, salt and a dose of olive oil. The Superdrink is a lovely afternoon pick me up. I like to have it mixed in with sparkling water and post my initial coffee binge. The taste is rich but not overpowering, a delicate combination of the fermented superfood, mulberry leaves, young barley leaves and the gorgeous matcha which gives it the navy green tone… The real highlight is the Mulberry leaves, a delicate treat that is so rarely given a moment to shine.


Manda Gin-Elixer

This is a refreshing and stylish drink to serve up in any weather


Manda Superfood

Manda Superdrink

A shot (or double) of Gin


A squirt of lemon 

Soda water 


Combine Gin, superfood, superdrink, and lemon juice, Shake or stir and serve over ice with a pour of sparkling water.



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