This is a perfect picture of our Coastal Canyon life right now- random heatwaves that feel like Summer, while trying to rock Autumn looks because it’s October. This in-between weather and the stress of 2020 has me feeling dry, oily and irritable. Our Canyon vibes edit will have you glowing and beaming from within like the bohemian beauty you are.   


Bathing Culture Cosmic Rainbow Towel
WFP- Work from patio is life. Laying out and taking cat naps makes everyday feel like Sunday. This towel is so soft and cozy and inspiring because the hand-loomed rainbow pattern has so many pretty colors. You can also use it as a cape for zoom calls and or a blanket to watch the sunset. 


Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash

Take the morning off for an at home spa-day to get in the zone. Cleanse your mind and your body with this yummy Bathing Culture wash that smells like you’re in the redwoods. It’s packaged in a plastic-free refillable glass bottle, made with Aloe, Shea and Guar. I love Dr. Bronners, but this makes me feel magic in the making with the natural forest scent and rainbow wave design, it’s a whole mood. More on the new Culture of Bathing from their website:

“We celebrate the simple necessity of bathing. How it bonds humanity and cultures across time and space. We embrace the power and peace of bathing. Its ability to transform and bring joy. We believe in the art of bathing, the traditions it holds, and the future it will bring.

In health and happiness. Bathe in culture.”


The NEW NEW AGE Mind Magic Nootropic Tonic

It’s super hard focus these days. The monotony of days at home blending together, the distractions of fly memes and all the screen time has me zoned out. This magical tea gets me back in the game. Nootropic herbs to enhance focus, mental clarity, creativity. The Ingredients are sage, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass and the tasting notes/ sensory feeling is: floral, high vibes, stimulating.  


The NEW NEW AGE Turmeric and Honey Face Mask

When your skin is angry soothe it with this super lovely ancient combo of superfoods that has been used cosmetically for thousands of years to moisturize, exfoliate and reduce redness and inflammation. It has been used to treat issues like eczema, rosacea, acne, dark spots and for softening wrinkles. I have rosacea, and most ‘soothing’ skin products irritate my skin, but the simple ingredients make this safe to use. The turmeric is certified organic & the raw wildflower honey is from the brand’s family farm and other local beekeepers in the region of Southwestern Ontario, Canada. They keep the honey in its RAW form to maintain beneficial enzymatic actions. Apparently this formula is also traditionally used by a bride on her wedding day to obtain a radiant glow. The NEW NEW Age says “the practice of combining powdered herbs in honey is called an electuary and we like to think of this special combo as an electuary for your face.” Yummy honey and radiant skin, I’m here for it.


Juniper Ridge Coastal Pine Room Spray

Obviously not a legit disinfectant, but this spray really helps clear the air in so many ways. The essential oils help clear the energy and refresh your scent-scape with a deodorizing natural fragrance of coastal pines and cascadia firs- evoking sticky pine needles, citrusy conifer and crisp ocean air. All of the plants are harvested with the utmost respect for the existing wild-scape. 10% of their profits go to a portfolio of Western Wilderness Defense organizations. Also try the white sage for super charged energy cleansing. 


Glyph & Ivy Rose Seal the Deal Skim Moisturizing Balm

To keep your skin feeling smooth and plump after your facial try this moisturizing balm. It also has anti-inflammatory turmeric, as well as moisturizing Shrubby Sophora, soothing Licorice. This is healing, nourishing, soothing and protecting with cruelty free ingredients and made in small batches without phthalates, sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances.   


CALPAK Womens Relaxed French Terry Sweatshirt

Is it just me or is everyone wearing tie dye sweats on their IG rn? From Bella Thorne to Kylie, it’s a vibe. We love this set from CalPak. The fabric is locally milled and dyed. This looks perfect for all seasons, so basically never taking it off.  


Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Number 1 most important thing to remember is to get enough rest, especially during this crazy time. Have you ever noticed models always say their pro-tip for beautiful skin is resting? This takes it next level, because anti-aging. Cotton dries skin and absorbs your skin cream. This helps keep anti-aging moisture products in, cuts down on creases in your face and blocks light so you can fall into a deep deep dream and awake in 2021. Haha we wish. 

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