FORT:LA | Witch Houses Trail

Just as every other adaptation has been in re-aligning and adapting the world to be covid concerned, so has All Hallows Eve. Fortunately, Tinsel town has been well lined with homes which have had various masks from modernist to Spanish, and midcentury to most conveniently witchy! It is with this spirit which Friends of Residential Treasures: Los Angeles (FORT:LA) is presenting a self-guided, self-driven trail of five witch houses/ storybook style homes.

The trail starts with a neighborhood of Hobbit houses in Culver City designed by a Disney artist in 1922.

Joseph Residence Hobbit House Photographed by Michael Locke.

Curated by Amber Benson aka Tara Maclay, our fave slayed witch from Buffy the Vampire Slayer come witch writer.  This socially distanced excursion is a much needed physical scavenger hunt which gets locals and visitors alike to see the happenings of their back yards. Fully aligned with QooA’s philosophy of close-to-home discovery we are so jazzed to take this tour which starts in Culver City and webs it’s way into Burbank.

Amber Benson Photographed by Lindsey Byrnes.

The importance of this and many of FORT:LA’s mission is to preserve the spirit of LA’s idiosyncratic architectural styles, a hodgepodge specialty which stacks varying movements all on one block. This preservation of historical gems is vital in a time when much of the cities design is being victim of developers and homogenous architecture which sets up gallery walled minimalism for a market saturated in austere sensibilities. Scroll down below to see some of our top picks and check out the trail on FORT:LA’s website and Instagram.

Bogart House, which was occupied by Humphrey Bogart for a short period of time. The house has a bit of macabre history, attached, Bogart was living in this house when then-girlfriend Peg Entwistle committed suicide in 1932 by throwing herself off the Hollywood sign.

Hlaffer-Courcier House that was inspired by the classic LA Restaurant, the Tam O’Shanter, Photographed by Michael Locke.

Egasse-Braasch Housean interesting variation of the storybook. This house was affectionately called ‘the castle’ by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who wrote Good Will Hunting while living here. Photographed by Michael Locke.

Columbia Ranch Dwarf Houses in Burbank. Photographed by Michael Locke.

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