If there was ever a time to start a community in a post apocalyptic Utopia as LA, it is now. As with many of us, QooA included, the ideas of consumerism and embrace of sybarite takes on work and community have been ever shattered by the pandemic. Though every article has to serve a certain sense of reverence to the current political, social, and economic conditions of the world, a deep sense of modesty over what our self-grandeur had epitomized is now at the focal point of assessment. Leave it to an editorial maven like Natalie Alcala to take it upon herself to utilize this empathic sensibility to respond to her community with her latest project Creative Career Club.

A former fashion editor at Black Book Magazine during the heyday of the blog era, she shifted gears moving on to the fashion bible Racked, taking on the LA branch. It was with her down time with pregnancy that the constantly enterprising Alcala set out to form her Fashion Mamas brand. A work and play driven community which linked women and their children with others in the fashion communities. With this sentiment and having championed working with a diverse array of creatives Alcala reworked her playbook to better represent the creative community she had cultivated hence the launch of Creative Career Club. We caught up with Alcala on the eve of her launch to see why this community is important and where are we going next.

How do you see the idea of community in the modern age as far as IRL and digitally?

It’s all about merging common interest with the human condition. It’s creating a safe space, whether physical or digital or a remix, that fosters honest conversations and non-judgemental support. This can only happen if the community leader and their team emulate this energy when interacting with the community. Encourage questions, sharing of resources, and creative freedom — the magic is in the release of restraint. Most people organically want to hype one another up, and common interest is the catalyst or icebreaker for that energy. I always tell people that if you identify a group with common interests, and you’re a natural connector, and there are no spaces for this group to connect and create together, build it!


Why do you feel it is important to express this all inclusive experience for the creatives? 

We are all much more alike than we think. Society and its bad apples attempt to screw with synergy and pit humans against one another for empty causes. During my time as a writer, I interviewed hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds and identities; what they all had in common is that they had a unique vision. Once you reach their soul and learn more about their individual perspective and/or the cool shit they’re creating, it’s so inspiring that you can’t help but gravitate towards it. As a society, my hope is that we can respect, accept, and highlight all the unique backgrounds and identities of this world, but also look beyond that to simply and purely connect on another level. With CCC, we are building an accepting environment to prove that this is possible. The wider net will also foster more opportunities and resources for members, and hopefully diversify their circle in a variety of ways.

Have you ever felt stifled or dealt with people holding back your career due to your gender race or expression?

Absolutely. Especially in the fashion industry, Latinas were few and far between — and it’s still that way. I never felt polished enough or that I looked like everyone else, but my love for writing kept me in that semi-toxic industry. I decided to make the most of it by being unapologetically me — I wore what I wanted, followed my instincts, ignored and sometimes spoke up against the naysayers, and skipped off in a new direction. I’ve never met my father, so my therapist tells me that I feel as if I was born rejected, so that’s why I tend to reject rules. Forging my own path is how I survive in this world, and in a strange turn of events it’s actually made others accept me more.


Having started with a fashion career then moving into being the premiere mommy influencer why did you feel now was the right time to launch this project?

I love the targeted community I’ve created for mothers, Fashion Mamas, which is now six years old. I will never stop serving that community, however for my heart and history I wanted to also serve and support all of the creative humans I’ve met in my lifetime or will meet in the future. To know that they now have an inclusive space to connect in, and a media platform where we can share their stories, well it’s filling my heart hardcore — and it’s only the beginning.

Can you tell us more of the what CCC is all about… How do we join in?

Creative Career Club is a creative community for all. I’ve worked six years building a strong and impactful community for mothers, so this new club for creatives of all backgrounds and identities has the foundation of experience. CCC Members are able to meet digitally via our members-only portal and communication channels, as well as IRL at our 1,000-square-foot Creative Clubhouse in Silver Lake. Once the world opens up a bit more, we will host monthly events at the space, including gifting events, open forum conversations, movie nights, cannabis & collaging, and member-matching – a platonic take on “speed dating” but for friends. Our digital resources will be just as experiential cuz I’m a tech nerd at heart, so members from all over the world will be able to connect. We are also launching a media platform, CCC Journal, where I’ll be able to dust off my background as a writer, and CCC even has a merch shop. Creatives of all types can join by applying at creativecareerclub.com/apply.

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