Mood: #quarantini ~ Ladies Night


The other day,  at the end of a video conference, an associate threw out that it was #quarantini time. It caught me off guard, mostly because it was only 11am,  and ultimately #quarantini got stuck in my head. I realized how much I miss the simplicity of grabbing a drink at happy hour or the occasional cocktail party. So when I had the chance I grabbed the closest adult beverage, which happened to be a Pomegranate Shell House from Trader Joes, and started a #quarantini cocktail playlist. I realized two things. 

 First – I need to level up my adult beverage game. 💯

Second – Sonically, I kept gravitating to tracks with women singing lead. 

Maybe as my beverage game improves, I will find new inspiration and revisit the cocktail playlist again. Until then, here’s #quarantini – Ladies Night: 

Koop ~ “Summer Sun” (L)

Pre-Little Dragon Yukimi! It’s still hard to believe that Yukimi was only a teenager when she recorded the vocals for this track. 

“Love had never got a hold on me

Until you stepped out of a dream

My life once a misery

Now your love has set me free”

Vagabon ~ “Water Me Down” (L)

Vagabon has a Sade kind of vibe going, and I’m here for it.

“Never meant to be you

Never meant to be me

Never meant to be us

Never meant for all of this

Never meant for you to love

Never meant for you to trust

So I’ll take my time, next time

And I’ll do it right

And I’ll take my time

Next time”

Zero7 ~ “Swimmers” (L)

Zero7 featuring Jem Cooke on vocals.

“Do you know

We are the young ghosts

In reverse

Our stories unfold

Moving slow

We’re just killing time

And we know

This fear is a crime

Surrender to your love

Surrender to your heart


Nina Simone ~ “Baltimore” (L)

Baltimore” has a nice reggae/funk vibe mixed into it. The High Priestess of Soul covering a Randy Newman track produced by Creed Taylor from an album she apparently disliked. Eclectic, destructively talented, and beautifully dysfunctional, Now that’s as #BMore as it gets…

London Grammar ~ “Baby It’s You” (L)

This new track from London Grammar is solid.

Cut Chemist ~ “The Garden” (L)

It didn’t feel right doing a cocktail party mix of any kind without somehow mixing in Astrud GilbertoCut Chemist does his thing, but this song is made when the vocal track from “Berimbau” melts in around the 1:50 mark. Cut also makes sure you are paying attention when the drums pick up at the 2:45 mark.

Waldeck ~ “Why Did We Fire That Gun” (L)

Waldek on the groove. Zeebee on the mic. Who said Lawyers can’t make art? Lol

Janelle Monae ~ “Sincerely, Jane” (L)

Such a good track from Janelle Monae.

Are we really living, or just walking dead now

Or dreaming of a hope riding the wings of angels?


The way we live, the way we die

What a tragedy, I’m so terrified

Daydreamers please wake up

We can’t sleep no more

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