Mood: #Frustrated

I don’t know about y’all, but lately I’ve had a lingering low-grade headache. Cognitive dissonance definitely has me frustrated and flailing. As I embrace the suck of it, I’m hoping that the struggle leads to some valuable growth and understanding. Or maybe I’m just dehydrated and need to drink more water. Until I can find that inner peace, here are some of the truculent tracks helping me to grind through:

Run the Jewels ~ “Close your Eyes (and count to F*CK)” (L)

There needs to be more ZDLR and RtJ collaborations. *Cough*

IDLES ~ “Never Fight a Man With a Perm” (L)

The dulcet tones of IDLES are delightfully chaotic and cathartic.

Battles ~ “Atlas” (L)

John Stanier is such a ridiculous drummer

Notorious BIG (Ratatat Remix) ~ “Party and Bullsh*t” (L)

Ratatat’s remix does this Biggie track justice.

Le Tigre ~ “Deceptacon” (L)

I’m outta time, I’m outta f*cking time

I’m a gasoline gut with a Vaseline mind

At the Drive In ~ “One Armed Scissor (L)

The beginning to this track is like a sonic punch in the face.

Coriky ~ “Clean Kill (L)

It’s a clean kill

But it’s not clean…

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