Oh haaaay it’s the time of year again- when the Lions come out of their den to shine brighter than ever. I’m sure you’ve been following on the Co-Star app, but this month is intense, kicking off with the Lion’s Gate on 8/8. It’s been described as a stellar gateway with the ‘spiritual sun’ Sirius anchoring energetic codes onto our planet. A time to attune with your divine potential, your sacred mission on the planet and voicing it out loud to the cosmos. 

As an Aquarian, Leo is my polar opposite. I’m often advised to embody more Fire Leo qualities to counter balance my own Airy nature. So instead of being cerebral/ lost in thoughts, weighing the most diplomatic response- it’s more about not thinking but rather feeling/ leading with your heart, doing what feels right, being in the moment and most importantly Living out Loud. Doesn’t sound like you? For me it helps to ‘act as if’. As I start my day, I ask myself questions like, ‘How do Lion Queens dress for work and get in their zone?’ Here’s your guide to channel Lioness energy from Sunrise to Sunset.   

 First kick off your day with Beyonce’s Summer Banger, ALREADY, from the Lion King soundtrack. “Shine Already, It’s Time Already.” If you really want to be on Black King theme wear the Marine Serre Crescent Moon Top during your morning meditation. Next get lit with fierce moves in this vid of Steph and Ayesha Curry’s daughters.

Don’t look at your phone and wonder why he didn’t text ‘good morning’, Leo wouldn’t sweat that. Just ‘act as if’ and order the Helios sunflowers bouquet from UrbanStems for yourself to remind you that you are the sunshine beaming love to the world.  

Dressing for work like a Leo: Lioness leaders shine with gold, bling and animal style. This is the perfect boss lady zoom look. Héros silk crepe de chine shirt has mother of pearl buttons for a touch of effortless luxury. Beyond Yoga high waisted biker shorts are comfortable and sleek with a IDGAF vibe. Bring the power moves with a chunky Ben Amun 24-karat gold necklace and Alepel Leopard Leather Mules (handcrafted in Brazil and hand painted in Miami). This cat is silky smooth, ready for sensual affection but can also outrun and outsmart you- a regal woman who will not be underestimated.

Social plans like a Leo: She’s not on a date, she’s at an event holding court. This cheeky Neon Blonde Venus leopard slip dress is for a Lion babe with confidence. The sheer look says ‘look at me’ and the TMRW Studio suede fold over Milo clutch says ‘I know you see me’. 

Time to unwind and recharge like a Leo. Keep the Goddess signal clear with a non-alcoholic Kin Euphorics cocktail, crafted with botanicals, adaptogens and nootropics to strengthen the adrenal system, moderate stress responses, and improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions (boss lady!), memory, and creativity. Also a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, which helps to prevent cellular damage. Stay pretty Leo baby.

Time to get sexy with a We Are Hah bodysuit and cleanse your crystals in the moonlight. Channel strong focused goddess Serena Williams with her ethically mined conflict free Crescent Moon 14-Karat Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace. Create sensorial moon mama magic with BVLGARI Le Gemme Ambero Eau de Parfum. Associated with regeneration and eternal youth, amber is a mythical gem favored by the gods of immortality. It conveys an unbreakable bond with the earth as it is distilled from a root. The obtained essence has a fabulous earthy, woody and slightly smoky scent that is very different from traditional Vetiver essences. This ambery effect is complemented by the brightness of essence of ginger from India along with olibanum incense for elegant character. Yaassss Mami!

A Leo night time ritual is indulgent but effortless, like this Living Living Libations Best-Skin-Ever Seabuckthorn All-in-One cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer resets skin to its natural state of luminous, sparkling wonder! This Seabuckthorn and pure plant botanical skin elixir packed with omega fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, and hundreds of bioactive compounds is a lush lion pleasure. Keep a decadent journal by your bed to write your visions and dreams as you stoke your inner fire preparing to dominate and radiate. As the sun sets, I must say, I’ve never felt so good as living life like a Leo!

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