The Fault Line Meditation is a new installation from the Palm Springs Public Arts Commission by local artist Jev Pic, a 254 foot introspective path it is shaped in the form of California’s San Andreas Fault. The installation lined with LED lights illuminates in the darkness and is a fluorescent tone of red in daylight. The visual display is punctuated by two signs placed on opposing points stating “Not Yours” and “Not Mine” and cheeky can play on the fact that it is not your fault nor mine.

Extending on this concept is the idea of faults and trauma as well as the paralyzing emotions attached to the various anxieties around earthquake centric California and the overall sociopolitical conditions of the world placed on neutral ground.

Speaking about the project the artist behind the project Jev Pic, mentions,  “We live in such a divisive time & I wanted to create a piece of art that would heal & connect us. It’s not about passing the buck, it’s about respecting it, learning from it, growing from it and moving on. As a disclaimer most people get paralyzed on the “Fault” blaming their childhood, their ex, the government or worse themselves. Please find your balance and turn your fears into mediations. The earth shouldn’t move you, you should move it.”

The Fault Line Meditation | 100 W. Tahquitz Canyon Way. 

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