The ever growing cannabis market has yield a generation of sophisticated CBD products which have taken the legal states by storm, only problem is where do your loyalties lie? With that awareness and idea of lifestyle, finding your way through the cannabinoidal fields has been one of experimenting not too dissimilar to figuring out your personal style… and there many mistakes. Some people catch on quicker than others, as a gym rat’s post work out CBD ritual can’t be more different to a boozy stress relieving CBD cocktail at vegan havens like Gracias Madre. With this standard in place Black Dahlia CBD has the brewing confections to thrive in the far reaching market merging complex flavors, artful design, and a luxuriant dose of CBD. The brands macabre reference deco decadence design element well resonates a 100 years later as we continue to see the world echo historical global issues and the looming hedonistic delights of another aesthetically driven era, albeit the flappers have been swapped for TikTok Egirls. We spoke with the brands Head Chef and Product Lead Taryn Garcia about charity, anxiety, and entertaining in the Sowden House.

How did the brand come about, I know you have a confectionery background with the world of macarons?

Yes, I had a macaron company in NYC prior to moving to LA. When Cannabis was legalized in California I thought to myself this is going to be big! It was clear New York wasn’t going to legalize Cannabis anytime soon and so I made the decision to leave. At the same time, my dear friend Jenny Landers reached out about coming to LA to cook for a Cannabis-infused Brunch called “Afternoon Delight”. At one of the events, I was making my version of caviar and bellinis.  The bottom was the macaron and topped with THC molecular caviar pearls infused with a Moscow Mule cocktail sitting on a bed of ginger and lime Creame Fraiche. It was really fun!  At another Sowden House event, I then met our Founder/CEO, Dr. Daniel Young. Daniel had gone to school at MIT with Dan Goldfarb, Jenny’s husband, and voila we got to talking and I learned that Daniel was starting a CBD line inspired by the Sowden House. A short time later we decided to partner with me designing an edible line for Black Dahlia.

What has your relationship been with CBD and the cannabis industry?

I became interested in alternative forms of health, wellness, and recreation over the course of the past several years. I knew that Cannabis was the next big thing and I started dreaming up all the beautiful edibles I could make with it! Additionally, I was diagnosed with PTSD due to an accident I had when I was a kid. I had been on antidepressants and suffering from anxiety for a number of years without seeing much improvement. When I started trying CBD I found that it was basically like mother earth’s all-natural Xanax. I noticed my mood improving and generally felt more centered and calm, which was able to help me focus.

The packaging and design are so greatly informed by the Art Deco movement and the high glamour of Hollywood Regency where did this design element come from: 

We work with a design team out of San Francisco, Strohl Inc. They’re incredible and also long-time friends with Daniel. The other inspiration, of course, is the Sowden House, which in my opinion still represents the height of glamour. The house is its own character and of course a historic and iconic landmark in Hollywood.

How did you get involved with the Snowden House and the relations to the name Black Dahlia?

My dear friends Jenny Landers and Dan Goldfarb purchased the home several years ago with a mission to revitalize the house’s original mission of being a space for positive inspiration. Jenny invited me to come out and cook for a monthly Cannabis-infused brunch event “Afternoon Delight”. The storied home has been referred to as Black Dahlia after the infamous Black Dahlia murder that allegedly happened at the house in the 1950’s. It’s also sometimes referred to as the Jaws House because the front of it looks like a giant great white shark’s mouth. For many years now, Jenny and Dan have been supporting positive causes by hosting non-profit events, such as Home LA benefit, Wildlife SOS, Tusk After Dusk, Kindred Spirits Care Farm, and Agents of C.H.A.N.G.E fundraiser.


The batch presented in the video was made for the nurses at UCLA (how and why did you engage in that way?

We wanted to do something to help our heroes on the front lines. Syrisa Metzger, a friend of mine and Jenny’s is a nurse at UCLA. I messaged her asking if there was a good way to say thank you and honor the nurses? Given the benefits of CBD we thought let’s offer our lollipops. It’s a good stress reliever and hopefully something that would make them smile.  They’re one of my favorite creations and they really do bring a smile to people.


How did you come up with all the various flavor profiles? have it been a reference to a certain way to combine the often overwhelming taste of CBD?

I base a lot of my flavor profiles off cocktail inspiration, like our Paloma lollipop, which is Pink Grapefruit, Orange with a hint of lime. Another inspiration is, of course, is the changing of the season. I love looking at candy making a bit differently and layering flavors is a great way to achieve that along with little tricks that hide the bitterness of the CBD.


What is next in the range of products from Black Dahlia? Do you see the brand extending more into the spaces of savory products?

I feel like we can go to the moon and back creating flavors, it’s one of the things I love most about my work. So the answer is yes I could definitely see making something on the more savory side at some point.

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